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About two months ago I received a call from a lady who preferred to remain anonymous. She enlightened me of a woman by the name of Yolanda Steyn employed by a large corporate company in Johannesburg (who researches and develops technologies that converge telecommunications, multi- media, information technology, and electronics) who was trying to sell my book 'More Than a Woman' for R75.00 as her own. She even created a blog and apparently sent out a mail to various organizations and people she believed would be interested in buying the book. The entire list of topics of my book was copied word for word as well as the first chapter as set out on my website.

My anonymous caller and her colleague immediately realized after reading her blog that it was impossible that she could have been the author of the very book she was trying to sell. So they went on a mission to find me and found my website instead, then contacted me at a later date.  I must admit that after reading her blog, I was very disappointed that someone with such a poor command of the English language was pretending to be me. I would have preferred someone with a much better command of the language than me to have been the culprit, at least that would have been a lot more flattering.

Anyway, my anonymous caller contacted Yolanda Steyn's boss and her devious plan was exposed. The blog was brought down and she no longer responded to callers enquiring about the book. I am still rather concerned as to what she will try next, so if anyone should receive any kind of correspondence regarding the sale of my book, kindly contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it @morethanawoman.co.za to find out whether it is authentic before parting with any of your money. All my work has copyright and it is a crime to steal someone else's work.....perhaps Yolanda Steyn is unaware of this!

To my anonymous caller and her colleague, I say from the heart a very big THANK YOU! And to all the other ladies who go by the name of Yolanda Steyn, I apologise if anyone thought it was you!









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